Note — Feb 14, 2021

No.160 Asides

  • 😍 🤓 🗺 🐉 Generating fantasy maps. “I wanted to make maps that look like something you’d find at the back of one of the cheap paperback fantasy novels of my youth. I always had a fascination with these imagined worlds, which were often much more interesting than whatever luke-warm sub-Tolkien tale they were attached to.”
  • 🤯 The uncanny valley is getting flatter by the minute! A sneak peek at MetaHuman Creator: high-fidelity digital humans made easy. “MetaHuman Creator is a cloud-streamed app designed to take real-time digital human creation from weeks or months to less than an hour, without compromising on quality.”
  • 🌌 🤩 This New 10 Terapixel Image of the Night Sky Contains 1 Billion Galaxies. “After 1405 nights of observation over 6 years, astronomers at three observatories have produced an image of the night sky that contains 10 trillion pixels of data and depicts over a billion galaxies.”
  • 🇫🇷 📱 Why France’s new ‘repairability index’ is a big deal. “The repairability index represents part of France’s effort to combat planned obsolescence, the intentional creation of products with a finite lifespan that need to be replaced frequently, and transition to a more circular economy where waste is minimized.”
  • 🤬 🛢 ‘Invisible killer’: fossil fuels caused 8.7m deaths globally in 2018, research finds. “Countries with the most prodigious consumption of fossil fuels to power factories, homes and vehicles are suffering the highest death tolls, with the study finding more than one in 10 deaths in both the US and Europe were caused by the resulting pollution, along with nearly a third of deaths in eastern Asia, which includes China. Death rates in South America and Africa were significantly lower.”
  • 🖼 Same Energy is a “Visual Search Engine.” Starts with a mosaic of random images, click one to get a bunch of others with “the same energy.” You can also save searches, etc. Nice.
  • 🇺🇸 👽 🤨 U.S. Navy Has Patents on Tech It Says Will ‘Engineer the Fabric of Reality’. “According to patents filed by the Navy, it is working on a compact fusion reactor that could power cities, an engine that works using ‘inertial mass reduction,’ and a ‘hybrid aerospace-underwater craft.’”
  • 👀 “is a collective of technologists, organizers, and designers who employ arts-based approaches to build communal counterpower.”