Note — Oct 03, 2021

No.190 Asides

  • 🔗 ⚓️ 🕵🏼 The supply-chain mystery. “[S]evere weather events are a reminder that the pandemic supply-chain ruptures may pale compared with those which will be associated with the climate crisis in coming years.”
  • 🤔 🌳 Smart Forests. “How are forests becoming digital environments? The Smart Forests project investigates the social-political impacts of digital technologies that monitor and govern forest environments.”
  • 🎥 🦀 🐚 🤖 HERMITS: Mechanical Shells for Reconfigurable Robots. “Inspired by hermit crabs, we designed a modular system for table-top wheeled robots to dock to passive attachment modules, defined as ‘mechanical shells.’ Different types of mechanical shells can uniquely extend and convert the motion of robots with embedded mechanisms, so that, as a whole architecture, the system can offer a variety of interactive functionality by self-reconfiguration.”
  • 📚 Glad someone else noticed this. Behold, the Book Blob. “There’s no discernible pattern, but the blobs still feel intentionally placed—if you squint hard enough, a few of them may converge into the implied shape of a braid, or an eye, or the side of a woman’s face. On top of the canvas, a blocky but refined sans serif spells the title and the author’s name, while much smaller text in a handwritten script reads ‘a novel,’ or, ‘a memoir,’ or, perhaps, ‘a New York Times bestseller.’”
  • 🤯 🌌 🔭This May Be the First Planet Found Orbiting 3 Stars at Once. “GW Ori is a star system 1,300 light years from Earth in the constellation of Orion. It is surrounded by a huge disk of dust and gas, a common feature of young star systems that are forming planets. But fascinatingly, it is a system with not one star, but three.”
  • 🤓 🧫 📸 Disgustingly Beautiful Mold Art. “Artist Dasha Plesen combines molds, bacteria, spores, and other objects in petri dishes to create these colorful abstract photographs.”
  • ☄️ 🔭 Largest known comet is heading close enough to us to become visible. “The giant comet, also known as C/2014 UN271, is from the outskirts of our solar system and has been making its way toward our sun for millions of years. This is also the most distant comet to be discovered on its inbound journey, which will provide scientists a chance to observe and study it for years to come.”
  • 🎶 💃🏼 Turn your Movements into Sound by instruments of things. “SOMI-1 is a highly precise sensor technology that measures movement and transforms it into sound in real-time. The Bluetooth sensors can be worn as wearables on the wrists and ankles, turning the user into an instrument.”