Note — Oct 31, 2021

No.194 Asides

  • 😍 📸 🧵 Perfection! I would so watch this! Wes Anderson presents the X-Men: a thread ✨ and 🎥 What if Wes Anderson Directed X-Men?
  • 🤯 🧱Fantastic!! “Ok you’re going to have to trust me and just watch this — telling you anything else would spoil it.” Mindbending LEGO Sculpture. Also have a look at the guy’s whole channel, insanity.
  • 👏🏼 ☀️ 🗺 We mapped every large solar plant on the planet using satellites and machine learning. “We searched almost half of Earth’s land surface area, filtering out remote areas far from human populations. In total we detected 68,661 solar facilities. Using the area of these facilities, and controlling for the uncertainty in our machine learning system, we obtain a global estimate of 423 gigawatts of installed generating capacity at the end of 2018.”
  • 💨 🏡 🤔 Kind of sceptical but I’d get one of these once proven. Wind Turbine Wall. “The average annual electricity consumption for an American home uses a little over 10,000 kilowatt-hours per year. One of these walls would be enough.”
  • 🚞 🇪🇺 🤩 Trans Europe Express Trains Could Make a Comeback. “The new network would build on existing services to run new connections between Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Rome, Brussels and Warsaw. Over the longer term, the network would expand to Sweden and Hungary and include night trains—overnight rail service, which has been the focus of growing interest across Europe as a lower-carbon alternative to air travel.”
  • 🇨🇳 📚 China is reinventing the way the world reads. “There are two things that make Chinese web novels distinct: the speed with which authors write, and the pricing model. Chinese web novels are supposed to be consumed while the author is writing. Every day, fans log on to the platform, find the latest chapter (usually updated on a daily basis) and pay for it. The cost is usually less than $1, but when a novel has thousands of fans and also thousands of chapters, the profits can be immense.”
  • 🇺🇸 ☀️ 🤔 👏🏼? Google’s New Green Campus Brings Sustainability to Silicon Valley. “To hit its goal, Google is relying on unorthodox procurement contracts and a grab bag of novel technologies such as lithium-ion battery storage, algorithms that predict wind patterns, and geothermal wells that drill into the Earth’s crust.”
  • ⚛️ Reads like the script for a season of 24. Radiant aims to replace diesel generators with small nuclear reactors. “California company Radiant has secured funding to develop a compact, portable, “low-cost” one-megawatt nuclear micro-reactor that fits in a shipping container, powers about 1,000 homes and uses a helium coolant instead of water.”