Note — Dec 05, 2021

No.199 Asides

Seen in → No.199

  • 🤯 🤩 🤓 🧱 🎥 This might be the best LEGO building video I’ve seen. Engineering a Capable Climbing Lego Car. “In this video, a simple Lego car is repeatedly modified to navigate more and more difficult obstacles until it can climb up and down almost anything. This fun exercise also doubles as a crash course in engineering and how to build a capable all-terrain vehicle as it ‘demonstrates what you need to consider: wheel diameter, gear ratio, 4-wheel drive, tire grip, breakover angle, weight distribution’”
  • 👏🏼 🖨 Excellent! Hackers Are Spamming Businesses’ Receipt Printers With ‘Antiwork’ Manifestos. “Dozens of printers across the internet are printing out a manifesto that encourages workers to discuss their pay with coworkers, and pressure their employers.”
  • 🍄 🗺 World’s vast networks of underground fungi to be mapped for first time. “Underground fungal networks can extend for many miles but are rarely noticed, though trillions of miles of them are thought to exist around the world. These fungi are vital to the biodiversity of soils and soil fertility, but little is known about them.”
  • 🤔 👍🏼 🦋 💸 Moth Minds: Fund individuals doing work you believe in. “I believe both human and insect moths are frequently underestimated. They're just as smart as butterflies (or an AI, for that matter), beautifully complex up-close, and driven by a magical intrinsic force: agency. ”
  • 🇫🇷 📸 🌸 Infrared Light Enhances Versailles, Provence, and the Beaches of Normandy with Dreamy Shades of Pink “The magical series documents the rolling lavender fields of Provence in watermelon hues and Versailles’s landscaped terraces or the Gothic abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel in bright, saturated tones. Pettigiani shoots each location with a full-spectrum camera that unveils otherwise invisible wavelengths and enhances the trees, grasses, and stone surfaces that reflect infrared light with varying shades of pink.”
  • 🧫 👍🏼 An AI Finds Superbug-Killing Potential in Human Proteins. “A team scoured the human proteome for antimicrobial molecules and found thousands, plus a surprise about how animals evolved to fight infections.”
  • 🇺🇸 🤔 🌖 ☢️ NASA plans to put a nuclear reactor on the moon by 2031. “Specifically, they want proposals for nuclear systems capable of producing 40 kilowatts — about how much 30 households use over the course of a decade — while operating autonomously from the deck of a lunar lander or rover.”
  • 🛩 Bullet-shaped plane promises to slash air travel costs. “This resulted in a plane with a teardrop body, a propeller in the rear, and long, thin wings. Designed for private use, the plane has room for six passengers, a projected top speed of 460 mph, and a range of 4,500 miles.”
  • 😍 📸 Beautiful! Extreme Macro Photography of Eyes.