Note — Mar 13, 2022

No.210 Shorts & Asides

After Yang looks like a very promising movie, here’s an interview with the director Kogonada on crafting ‘organic’ sci-fi worlds and families of the future. “[O]ne of his big goals was to emphasize how the ‘exhaustion of being’ is still something everyone in this world is struggling with as society continues its long process of recovering from multiple calamitous events. … To me, it was like in a society that had some climate catastrophe that was really fatal and really kind of created some humility in society. We led with the idea that in order to survive now, these people had to change everything about the way they approach modern life and that they had to incorporate nature, and it had to be organic. To me, it was about a society that had been really humbled and had to remake the world in order to survive.”

→ Loved this talk that Nick Foster gave for IKEA’s Digital Days, Everyday Futures™. Great ideas, slides, and presentation. Plus, what a great studio setting! Btw, I think this framing/slides-on-the-side/distance from camera makes it look like having a coffee with him, which is way more pleasant to watch than if he’d been filmed on-stage.

Equal parts fear and wonder is a short article about a metaverse panel which included Liam Young. I haven’t watched it yet but these bits from the post are already good: “The metaverse is not necessarily going to be a late capitalist Zuckerbergian fever dream … the metaverse will be equal parts fear and wonder … it’ll be both of these things, because no technology has ever really been a solution to anything – it really just exaggerates the conditions that exist.”