Note — Mar 20, 2022

No.211 Shorts & Asides

Regenerative needs to be the new sustainable because “we are already over or close to breaching many of the nine planetary boundaries being anxiously monitored by scientists around the globe. It means that doing no harm is no longer going to cut it.” Focusing on more than preserving the planet for future generations, regenerative thinking weaves justice, climate, economic equality and human dignity into its core logic and places an increased emphasis on systemic thinking, democratic decision making, and place-based solutions inspired by Indigenous wisdom and dialogue.

Robin Sloan: describing the emotions of life online. “[T]hat’s care. Both adding things and deleting things. Basically the sense of looking at something and saying, ‘is this good? Is this right? Can I make it better? What does this need right now?’ Those are all expressions of care. And I think both the relentless abandonment of stuff that doesn’t have a billion users by tech companies, and the relentless accretion of garbage on the blockchain, I think they’re both kind of the antithesis, honestly, of care.

Workplace serendipity, invention, and lessons from Prohibition 1920-1933. Matt Webb with some thoughts on a paper saying that “closing saloons during prohibition reduced patenting by ≅15%.” Bumping into people and socializing fosters invention, how “could this kind of serendipity be achieved in software” for today’s distributed work modes?

  • 🤩 🌊 🦪 DIY regenerative ocean farms. “Ropes of seaweed, kelp, and other sea vegetables are first strung close to the surface, where they can suck up the sunlight needed to fuel their rapid growth. Hanging from longlines below the plant life are containers filled with shellfish like mussels and scallops. And at the bottom, crates serve as homes for oysters and clams, waiting for shaved ice and champagne.”
  • 😍 🇳🇱 🎨 Vermeer Scenius FTW! Connect Vermeer. “Contrary to popular belief, Johannes Vermeer was not a genius working in isolation. He was one of a network of Dutch artists who excelled in painting scenes of everyday life and drew inspiration from each other’s work. Discover this network and explore the connections between the artists and their paintings.” (Via Webcurios.)
  • 🤖 🖼 Digital Curator. ”Motifs and Themes in Central European Fine Art explored by ComputerVision.”
  • 🤣 📺 Oh this might be a problem for getting anything done. Watch Seinfeld Online - Streaming Seinfeld 24/7 (Via Webcurios.)
  • 😍 ☀️ 🇰🇷 🇹🇭 Floating solar panels on the surface of the Hapcheon Dam in South Korea. “The project can generate enough to power 20,000 homes.” And the World’s Largest Hydro-Floating Solar Farm Goes Live in Thailand.
  • 😲 🇮🇹 🏺 Roman boat that sank in Mediterranean 1,700 years ago gives up its treasures. “None of the team had expected the sands of the bay to have done such a spectacular job of sealing the wreck off from oxygen and preserving its organic materials. ‘Things have been so perfectly preserved that we have found bits of textile, a leather shoe and an espadrille.’”
  • 🇺🇸 🚌 🗺 New York’s Shadow Transit, “unofficial shuttles, called ‘dollar vans’ in some neighborhoods, make up a thriving transportation system that operates where the subway and buses don’t. This interactive project, with videos, maps out that system.”
  • 🇨🇱 🥵 👏🏼 Santiago just appointed the first Chief Heat Officer in South America. “The new CHO, Cristina Huidobro, will collaborate with her counterparts in Miami, Athens, and Freetown, Sierra Leone, to usher in a range of evidence-based heat interventions for Santiago, as well as some that will address the city’s disastrous water shortage.”
  • 🧱 🇺🇸 🤯 The 2,731-Person Project to Build New York City in Minecraft. “Reconstructing New York City on a 1:1 scale, with each Minecraft building block representing one cubic meter of the real world.”