Note — Mar 27, 2022

No.212 Shorts & Asides

Here’s a “twofer,” with a quick but insightful post by Tom Critchlow on long, carefully created pages, Holding (and scrolling) attention. Plus the great collection which prompted his post, To see what’s really going on, it helps to get close. “I’m very excited to see a new digital format that can capture attention so well. Something that encourages close reading of the details. This is the opposite of what we think of as the digital experience! Holding and scrolling my attention in an artful way.”

Adjacent to Critchlow, under something like ‘the craft of the web,’ is Russell Davies’ Useful where he explains that often, just a blog is enough. “Whenever someone asks me for coffee/chat/advice I normally end up saying random useless nonsense in the moment but then emailing a couple of days later saying "Actually, this book/quote/link might be useful for that thing you were wondering about." I have a large collection of that stuff, scattered across this blog, various google docs, Pinboard and Readwise. It's a sort of distributed commonplace book.”

For an article to be featured in Sentiers, I have to have read the whole thing with attention. Sometimes, longer reads pile up and I have to cleanup a bit, which means I’ll scan through them instead of attentively reading. All of that to say, here are some 4000+ words articles that look excellent but won’t be featured ‘cause trying to catch up.

How WordPress and Tumblr are keeping the internet weird. “CEO Matt Mullenweg on why he bets big on small companies.” ◼ Lessons From 19 Years in the Metaverse by Charlie Warzel ◼ The science of becoming “interplanetary”: Could humans live in the asteroid belt?In a World on Fire, Stop Burning Things by Bill McKibben ◼ Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin Is Worried About Crypto's Future.