Note — Apr 10, 2022

No.214 Shorts

Do Yourself a Favor and Go Find a ‘Third Place’. On the need for third places, how it’s one more thing hurt by our productivity fetishism and the pandemic, and how our lack of third places is another sign of atomization. ”To me, the ideal hangout has a few components: spontaneity, purposelessness, and a willingness among all parties involved to go wherever the conversation leads them. … Unstructured quality time with friends is replaced with a scheduled series of continuous catch-ups. Subsequently, these overscheduled people lack meaningful ties with their neighbors, and so they patronize spaces to make those connections even less frequently.”

One thing we don’t talk about enough in public life is opportunity cost. Great thread that’s actually a short article by James Plunkett, a really good way of framing the challenge of changing policy. ”[W]e’re at a time of accelerating economic/social change, when we need ever quicker/more agile development of new laws, institutions, policies, just to keep up. … We’ve accumulated bugs, inefficiencies, workarounds, and instabilities in our basic social/policy/institutional settlement, and these have a big cost for resilience, economic security, market efficiency, etc.”