Note — Apr 17, 2022

No.215 Asides

  • 🌳 🎸 🤩 🇧🇿 The Legend of the Music Tree. “Exotic lumber salvaged from a remote forest in Belize is the world’s most coveted tonewood.” “When [Saul ‘Slash’ Hudson] first tried a guitar made from The Tree, he was floored—the sound surpassed anything he’d heard before. ‘When I picked it up, I was completely humbled, it was a shock-and-awe moment. It changed everything I’d ever thought about acoustic guitars.’”
  • 🤖 🤯 If you haven’t taken a minute to look at some of the examples, you should. OpenAI’s DALL-E AI image generator can now edit pictures, too. “DALL-E 2 features a higher-resolution and lower-latency version of the original system, which produces pictures depicting descriptions written by users. It also includes new capabilities, like editing an existing image.”
  • 🦪 🇫🇷 😍 📸 The Oyster Farms Series. “These farms reveal sublime abstract elements like the notation of otherworldly language from the air and only visible during low tide. A man-made landscape as a consequence of the unique and complex bonds between human development and natural environments” (Via Dense Discovery.)
  • ☀️ 🇸🇪 Solar energy can now be stored for up to 18 years, say scientists. “The technology is based on a specially designed molecule of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen that changes shape when it comes into contact with sunlight. It shape-shifts into an ‘energy-rich isomer’ - a molecule made up of the same atoms but arranged together in a different way. The isomer can then be stored in liquid form for later use when needed, such as at night or in the depths of winter.”
  • ☀️ 💨 🔋 🇺🇸 This battery could freeze solar and wind energy for months. “Compared to known molten-salt battery chemistries, the team created a design based on common, low-cost, and less reactive materials. The anode and cathode are made of solid aluminum and nickel, respectively. The researchers immerse these into a sodium-aluminum-chloride molten salt.”
  • 💧 🇨🇱 Chile announces unprecedented plan to ration water as drought enters 13th year. “The plan features a four-tier alert system that goes from green to red and starts with public service announcements, moves on to restricting water pressure and ends with rotating water cuts of up to 24 hours for about 1.7 million customers.”
  • 💰 💰 💰 💩 Some great visuals to better grasp the insane amounts. (I like 4 especially) 9 Ways to Imagine Jeff Bezos’ Wealth. “The median U.S. household net worth is $118,200. Bezos has $172,000,000,000. So ... how does that compare?”