Note — Apr 17, 2022

No.215 Shorts

Proposition on peak data. I almost featured this one but it’s a bit uneven and I’ve got a couple of issues I didn’t want to get into. Still, the basic proposition is intriguing and there are multiple good points in there. “Measurement is in the process of orchestrating a power grab, aimed to destroy critical thinking as such. There cannot be peace or mutual understanding in a world where data are explicitly utilized to eliminate culture.”

Ancestral futures. An overview of discussions between Inuk activist and filmmaker Aka Hansen during her residency at SPACE10, and four young Indigenous voices. Rest is a form of resistance. To unlearn a globalised, productive existence and help shape a decolonised future, Sunná centres rest. ‘Decolonising the concept of time is important,’ they say. ‘The capitalist system makes us go hard and keep up a relentless pace in winter. It’s a systemic problem that we are forced to be out of touch with nature. I’d like to focus on the weather conditions.’”

How art theory helps us understand the future of the metaverse. “This vision of singularity ignores the fact that multiple metaverses navigated by multiple avatars and inhabited by diverse communities have long existed. By being envisioned as a world with a singular style and aesthetic it reflects a limited vision of what emerging virtual worlds look and feel like.”

Futures, Foresights, Forecasts, Fabulations → Roughly in order of priority for me but scanned, not yet read: Tropical FuturesAfrofuturism: Its Origins, Present, and FutureRebooting AfrofuturismUnited Nations Advances Strategic Foresight: Breakdown or Breakthrough Scenarios?