Note — May 01, 2022

No.217 Shorts

This conversation with richard powers is a gift Ezra Klein is right, their conversation is a gift. I didn’t feature it because I barely take the time listen to podcasts and listened to it over 2-3 ‘sittings,’ which doesn’t make for the best synthesizing. Powers has the same kind of speaking voice as William Gibson, a kind 0.8X or 0.9X speed, reflective, informed way of speaking that really fits with what he’s saying.

Fred Scharmen interviewed at The Prepared Good interview on space science. I’m highlighting the following quote because it’s a similar line of thinking as my original interest in synthetic reality; an intriguing intersection born of shared techniques. ”When I went digging through the histories of space science—I found a lot of shared goals and techniques between architecture, space science, and science fiction. …Seeing those different shared techniques turned on a light in my brain that said, ‘There’s a lot here in the space between these disciplines and territories to explore.’”