Note — May 08, 2022

No.218 Asides

  • 🤩 😎 The next Hustwit. Yes!! Eno — Gary Hustwit. “The definitive career-spanning, multi-platform documentary about visionary musician and artist Brian Eno.”
  • 😍 ⚡️ 🚗 🇪🇪 Oh my! Gorgeous little electric cars from Estonia, Nobe Cars. “The Nobe 100 GT is a modern three-wheel vehicle that provides an incredibly light, and sustainable car, while having all the flair from the golden age of automotive history.”
  • 🔗 💙 Hyperlinked Text. “This is a directory of websites that primarily stick with simple, marked up, hyperlinked text. I appreciate these sites because they load quickly, scroll smoothly, spare my battery, are more compact, and lack the usual nonsense that infects many websites.” (Via Naive Weekly.) Surprisingly, the list is missing my current favourite in the style; The Brutalist Report.
  • 🤯 🇨🇳 🌏 This kind of circle has been done before, interesting to centre it on various cities. The Yuxi Circle. “[A] map of what I'm calling 'The Yuxi Circle' and then I'll explain everything else below that - with lots of maps. As in the original circle, I decided to use a radius of 4,000 km, or just under 2,500 miles. Why Yuxi? Well, out of all the cities I looked at (more than 1,500 worldwide), Yuxi had the highest population within 4000km - just over 55% of the world's population as of 2020.”
  • 🧊 🔭 I still can’t fathom that there isn’t an emoji for each planet. Europa’s icy shell may harbor habitable pockets. “It’s possible, then, that the double ridges of Europa may be caused by a similar mechanism — perhaps water from a liquid ocean is being forced up through cracks into the ice shell, then refreezing, Culberg suggested.”
  • 🇸🇪 🦋 🐝 🦗 Ikea unveils a new Swedish meatball—for insects only. “To raise awareness about the lack of wild habitats for insects, Ikea Denmark has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund to reinvent an Ikea staple. Enter the Swedish Seedball: a meatball, but for insects.”
  • 🤖 Did Someone Say Co-Bots? How Human-Robot Teamwork Will Upend Manufacturing. “Known as co-bots (collaborative robots), this new form of robot can slow down or stop completely to prevent humans from getting injured, but they also enable companies to develop new human-robot workflows that automate previously manual methods.” (Via target is new.)
  • 🔴 🤔 Good luck to Melon Usk’s team. Which parts of Mars are the safest from cosmic radiation?. “Based on their findings, the best sites for future habitats on Mars would be located in low-lying areas and at depths of 1 m and 1.6 m (3.28 to 5.25 ft) beneath the surface. Therefore, the Northern Lowlands, which make up most of the northern hemisphere (aka. Vastitas Borealis), and Valles Marineris would be very suitable locations.”