Note — May 08, 2022

No.218 Shorts

Storytelling - Harmon vs. McKee If you’re into storytelling it’s worth a read for Harmon’s story circle, and for Rao’s take on next-level explainers who get to strategic intuition. “[T]he Clausewitzes, Boyds, Christensens, and Harmons of the world get to ‘good enough’ on tactical competence, and then brutally strip away everything that gets in the way of strategic intuition. The result is stories that sometimes have rough edges in terms of technique and craft, but nail the strategic core so well you don’t even notice.”

How heterarchy can help us put hierarchy in its place “It’s a suggestion to acknowledge that complex organisation, ecosystems or ecologies might not always have a top and a bottom, that there’s not always a ‘king of the jungle,’ but instead a more complex, fluid set of relationships between elements or organisms where superiority or inferiority might be circumstantially or dynamically defined.”

Inside ‘the most real of fictional places’ At coordinates 0,0, an imaginary island is not that imaginary, thanks to data. “There is this concept in geography that’s called liminal places; it means ‘between places.’ If you go to an airport, it’s not a destination. It doesn’t really mean anything to you that you are at the airport, but still, it’s a physical place. Null Island is similar to that because it connects the imaginary to the real. Because in a sense it’s real: It’s in databases. And it can be mapped.