Note — May 22, 2022

No.220 Asides

  • 🏢 👀 🧱 The Deep Image of the City. “DeepScope is a novel platform for interactive, real-time, and setup-less urban design visualization. It attempts to substitute common practices of urban design with a machine-learnt, generative visualization approach. By implementing a deep convolutional generative adversarial network (DCGAN) and CityScope, a tangible user interface, this project allows for real-time prototyping and visualizations of urban design processes.”
  • 🇺🇸 🪶 💪🏽 Hate to see the cause, love to see the result. Native nations use federal funds to build broadband. “The trend accelerated during the COVID telecommuting and home education boom. As of 2021 there were an estimated 40 tribally owned networks operating in 65 Native nations, and another 37 Native nations currently working in partnerships with private providers.” (Hopefully, I’m not disrespecting anyone with the feather emoji.)
  • 🇺🇸 🎥 🤩 Sad to see cars were already a shitshow back then (ok, technically so were horses). Colorized Footage Travels San Francisco’s Market Street Four Days Before the Devastating 1906 Earthquake and Fire. “A new colorized version of ‘A Trip Down Market Street’ returns to the pre-disaster scene in an incredibly clear and bright view of the city. Restored by NASS, the reimagined footage increases the speed from 15 to 60 frames per second, upgrades the resolution, and adds a soundscape to mimic the noises that residents might have heard around the turn of the century.”
  • 🇨🇳 🤖 🌳 Drones fly in a tight swarm through a forest without crashing. “A localisation algorithm creates a 3D image of the scene and regularly sets the drone targets to reach within that scene. It looks out for obstacles – and other drones – and readjusts the flight pattern in real time. It then plans the most computationally efficient route through the area.”
  • 🤯 👀 Invisibility cloaks are not just possible, but are becoming reality. “The invisibility to radar, which is microwave-to-radio wavelength electromagnetic radiation, might have been the first step, but recent developments in metamaterials have extended this even further, bending light around an object and rendering it truly undetectable.”
  • 🤔 🤖 Looks like excellent news, although I can’t really convince myself that something good can come out of Meta. Meta has built a massive new language AI—and it's giving it away for free. “Meta’s AI lab has created a massive new language model that shares both the remarkable abilities and the harmful flaws of OpenAI’s pioneering neural network GPT-3. And in an unprecedented move for Big Tech, it is giving it away to researchers—together with details about how it was built and trained.”
  • 🇮🇹 🧀 Internet of cheese, anyone? This is one of the dreams of the blockchain; tracking provenance. Not convinced yet. New 'Smart' Cheese Rinds Help Fight Parmesan Fraud. “The innovation combines food-safe Casein labels with the p-Chip micro transponder — a blockchain crypto-anchor that creates a digital 'twin' for physical items. This scannable new food tag is smaller than a grain of salt and highly durable, delivering next-generation visibility and traceability.”