Note — May 29, 2022

No.221 Asides

  • 🤯 💦 🌵 Low-Cost Gel Film Can Pluck Drinking Water From Desert Air. “…a low-cost gel film made of abundant materials that can pull water from the air in even the driest climates. The materials that facilitate this reaction cost a mere $2 per kilogram, and a single kilogram can produce more than 6 liters of water per day in areas with less than 15% relative humidity and 13 liters in areas with up to 30% relative humidity.”
  • 🤩 🇬🇷 🇸🇾 🇨🇳 🇮🇹 🇮🇶 Ancient technology that was centuries ahead of its time. “Archaeologists repeatedly stumble upon artifacts that seem way too advanced for the times from which they originate. The ancient Greeks, for instance, developed a clock capable of calculating and tracking planetary motions and solar eclipses among other things. These forward-thinking inventions are often called ‘ahead of their time.’ In reality, they are reflections of the ingenuity of their respective civilizations.”
  • 🤬 🇺🇸 🚕 Uber prices will rise to meet the company’s newly urgent quest for profits.. “That is because Uber has lost an astounding sum since its founding in 2009, including more than $30 billion in the five-odd years since the company’s finances became public. Together with earlier losses and a similar strategy at rival Lyft, this has amounted to an enormous, investor-fueled subsidy of America’s ride-hailing habit.”
  • 😍 🦑 (2011!) Cindermedusae is a generative encyclopedia of imaginary sea creatures.. “Cindermedusaeʼs drawing style, resembling the one of an old encyclopedic illustration, has been carefully chosen for this purpose as being adequate to illustrate salient features of the sea creature, its morphology, and fictive species prompting for the observerʼs imagination.” (Via @vanderwal.)
  • 🇬🇧 👍🏼 🦪 Bureau de Change and Lulu Harrison create Thames Glass tiles. “…a range of patterned tiles using Thames Glass, a biomaterial created by artist Lulu Harrison from mussel shells.”
  • ⏳ 📓 Welcome to 2072: Send Your Artwork to the Future with The Time Capsule Project. “Along with our friends at the Brooklyn Art Library, we’re launching The Time Capsule Project, a collection of 1,000 mini sketchbooks that will be buried in St. Petersburg, Florida, until 2072. The idea is to fill pages with artworks and stories that offer a glimpse of the moment we’re all living in and preserve today’s creativity for years to come.”
  • 🌌 😍 📸 See the Milky Way's center as we've never seen it before. “Although we've viewed our own galactic center in many wavelengths of light before, the newest high-resolution radio survey has revealed some surprises. MeerKAT, the first step in ultimately constructing the Square Kilometer Array, has just revealed their first comprehensive map of the Milky Way's central region. ”