Note — May 29, 2022

No.221 Shorts

We need new stories of what it means to be human “People, on the other hand, need stories that are created and expressed through culture in order for us to find our way forward. It’s our ability to imagine, and communicate about things like memories, plans, things that don’t exist yet, and the future, that many have attributed to our ‘humanness.’”

Alternative epistemic agents for restaurant menus etc Matt Webb doing Matt Webb things, going from steak frites to epistemic agents to named algorithms. “Stafford’s provocation makes me imagine epistemic agents which are anti-social or anti-recommenders or anti making you happy as a reward function, or all of the above…”

Cardigan scifi Adjacent to Nick Foster’s The Future Mundane, Robin Rendle has cardigan scifi! “It’s the lack of polish in the world, it’s the absence of technological fetishism in the science fiction itself. The science or the tools or the spaceships do not sit at the heart of Cardigan sci-fi — it’s all about the people that wear the cardigans instead.”