Note — Jun 05, 2022

No.222 Shorts

Constructing a regenerative future On using the three horizons framework to bring about systemic transformation, regeneration, and whether ‘fighting climate change’ is even the appropriate framing for the work to be done. (If I didn’t already have the Steffen piece above, this one would have been featured.) “[I]t simply can’t be emphasised enough that our culturally dominant narrative of ‘separation from’, ‘power over’ and ‘ownership of’ nature creates the mistaken belief that we can manage, technologically innovate and (carbon) trade ourselves out of the evolutionary dead end we have been heading into for a couple of centuries.”

Why we’ll never be full time in virtual reality “All cultures around the world have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years of being physically amongst each other. Touching, hearing, seeing, smelling, experiencing, learning. Looking at each other and being amongst each other. No matter how good the VR headset and software is, it can’t replace these core human elements. It can substitute for a time, but not replace. VR will always be a simulation. Humans experience life in the physical world.”

Outlier roles in venture capital (and other organizations) “But I think these roles point to something a bit broader: the need for more generalist, or at least outlier, roles in organizations. … there is a need for organizations to create a space for more undirectedness, which involves thinking along longer time horizons and creating room for randomness and optionality. We must have the possibility of following our curiosity and what seems interesting, even when it might be different from the core functions of the organization”