Note — Jun 12, 2022

No.223 Asides

  • 🤩 New issue of New_ Public Magazine, The Trust Issue. “Trust is an elusive variable that lies within most of the key questions about tech’s role in our lives. How do we know a machine, or program, will work as planned? How do we determine if someone online is who they claim to be? How can we make sure a digital space is truly safe?”
  • 🗺 😍 Felt “The best way to make maps on the internet. Marker, Highlighter and Notes allow you to treat a map like a pad of paper. Smart, map-aware tools like Route and Clip make drawing along roads and boundaries a snap. Photos, Links, and Videos make maps internet-native for the first time.”
  • 🤔 😎 Not always the most useable websites, but definitely unique and eye-catching. The Era of Rebellious Web Design Is Here. “Code and Theory's approach to editorial web design is equal parts strategy and sprezzatura” (Via Zine.)
  • 🧫 🤖 🥽 AI-designed enzyme devours plastic trash in days. “The new enzyme works at lower temperatures than previous ones, which would make it greener, faster, and cheaper”
  • 🇳🇱 🌳 💚 Bosk. “Every day for a hundred days, a different part of the city centre of Leeuwarden will be coloured green. That is because over one thousand large and small trees will be walking around the city. This ‘walking’ forest will give the trees – and with them, nature – a voice: what can we learn from trees and how does the forest view the human world?”
  • 🕸 System. “A knowledge base of the world’s systems. System is a free, open, and living public resource that aims to explain how anything in the world is related to everything else.” (Via Naive Weekly.)
  • 🇺🇸 🔭 ⬡ ⬣ MIT Media Lab trials tiles that assemble into space architecture. “Called Tesserae, the project aims to create future space habitats from reconfigurable tiles that assemble while in orbit around the moon or Earth.”
  • 🇨🇳 🚚 🤖 Makes a lot more sense than privately-owned Teslas running around. WeRide Launched Fully Autonomous Sanitation Vehicle Fleet In China. “The truck was jointly designed and produced by WeRide and the Yutong Group for cleaning public roads. A fleet of more than 50 units of the Robosweeper will conduct a public road test in the Nansha District of Guangzhou starting in May.”
  • 👾 📘 I don’t usually link to Kickstarter project but this looks excellent. The 50 Years of Text Games book is now on Kickstarter. “From Oregon Trail to A.I. Dungeon. A definitive book about the first half-century of interactive fiction.”
  • 📈 💵 The first-ever Patreon Creator Census. “Video is the most popular primary medium on Patreon (used by over a third of creators), followed by writing and podcasts.” (Via Zine.)