Note — Jun 12, 2022

No.223 Shorts

Boundary objects and decentralised innovation Short post explaining boundary objects, as a perspective on Web3. Perhaps what’s most distributed about Web3 right now isn’t the tech, money, or power, but the innovation. “A ‘boundary object’ must meet 3 criteria: 1. Interpretative flexibility—people can understand it to mean different things 2. Practical value—different groups derive value and use from it 3. Translocal meanings—it shifts back and forth between specific meanings in local contexts to a fuzzy meaning in a shared context”

Libraries, a love story “[E]ven in our networked age, there is still something magical to me about the physical institution of a library, something uniquely inspiring. We create tools to help us think or remember more effectively, but we also create spaces that serve those same purposes—libraries most of all.”