Note — Jun 19, 2022

No.224 Shorts

A call out to branch off, 2022 AgroParisTech Graduation ceremony Excellent, excellent, excellent multi voice speech. “We do not see ecological and social devastation as ‘issues’ or ‘challenges’ to which we should find ‘solutions’ as engineers. We do not believe that we need all agricultures, rather, we see that the agribusiness is waging a war on the living world and against farmers everywhere on Earth. We do not see science and technology as neutral and apolitical. We believe that technological innovation or start-ups will save nothing but capitalism. We do not believe in sustainable development or green growth nor in ‘ecological transition,’ an expression which implies that society can become sustainable without getting rid of the dominant social order.”

TikTok Boom I have to admit, I haven’t been paying all that much attention to TikTok. Scott Galloway corrects some of that with some insane numbers presented in his trademark style. “The biggest mistake we make in marketing is believing choice is a benefit. No, it’s a tax. Consumers don’t want more choices, they want more confidence in the choices presented. TikTok has taken this to a new level by eliminating the burden of choice entirely. Its content is a continuous stream of videos where the decisions are made for you. Your only choice: what not to watch.”