Note — Jul 03, 2022

No.226 Shorts

Bruce Mau is betting on a new kind of renaissance The Nexus argues that the complex problems of our generation can be solved only if art, technology, and science converge like they did during the Renaissance. … transformation affirms that art, science, and technology are interacting components of the total human enterprise. But today they’re too often treated as if they were cultural isolates and mutually antagonistic.”

The new Nomos of the planet “A geo-civilizational planetary paradigm implies a non-universal mindset and more of a live-and-let-live approach to relations among spheres. It means greater mutual respect for civilizational ways of seeing and being, more cultural autonomy and less integrative arrangements with respect to security, trade, capital flows and digital platforms. In short, one world, many systems.”

Who owns the future(s)? “[A] future where everyone can thrive; where we reward redistribution and contributing to the commons rather than growth; where we regenerate and care for each other and for the earth, not extract; and where we look after each other with justice and solidarity, not charity.”