Note — Oct 16, 2022

No.238 Shorts

Generation ships and monarch butterflies “Whether we are thinking about butterfly migration or generation ships, these multigenerational projects have something to teach us. As per the essay on the ethics of generation ships, “Asking about the permissibility of generation ships might give us a fresh perspective on the permissibility of the constraints we impose now on human lives, here on the biggest generation ship of them all – our planet.

The climate economy is about to explode “I remember that fateful moment around 2010 when the valence of the industry switched—it was right around when The Social Network came out—and working in tech went from being a career choice for dorky optimists to the default career track for many ambitious college students. A similar switch is coming for companies working on climate change: The opportunity will be too large, the money too persuasive, the problems too intriguing.”