Note — Nov 13, 2022

No.242 Asides

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  • 🤯 😍 🇪🇬 Like those realtors’ 3D tours of homes, but hundreds of times more fascinating. Go Inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. “This is the interior three chambers of Khufu Pyramid, also known as the Great Pyramid, on the Giza Plateau. The pyramid interior includes the King’s, Queen’s, and subterranean chambers as well as the initial excavation tunnel.”
  • 😍 🌳 📸 🇬🇧 Moss Drapes from Trees in Ethereal Photographs of England’s Forests. “Burnell’s images offer a glimpse of moss-coated limbs and fern-covered forest floors that seem to freeze time. He also visits dense stands of conifers, with canopies that create dreamlike effects as they block the sunlight from reaching the ground below.”
  • 🤔 🤓 Magic Leap 2 is the best AR headset yet, but will an enterprise focus save the company?. “The $3,299 Magic Leap 2 (ML2), which launched in September, is easier to wear, far more powerful and it offers a dramatically larger (and taller) AR field of view than any headset we've seen before.”
  • 👏🏼 🏺 🇺🇸 🇮🇹 🇬🇷 🇨🇾 🇵🇰 Man repatriates 19 antiquities after reading Guardian article. “[T]he ancient pieces worth up to £80,000 – including two seventh- and eighth-century BC Cypriot vases – that he had inherited from his grandmother could have come from illicit excavations because they have no collecting history.”
  • 🤯 🌻 How the ‘Diamond of the Plant World’ Helped Land Plants Evolve. “For more than a century, scientists have tried to understand the chemical basis for sporopollenin’s unparalleled strength. Sporopollenin shields the DNA in pollen and spores from light, heat, cold and desiccation.”
  • 🤔 This cheap material could capture CO2 from power plants before it pollutes the atmosphere. “A material made from cheap and common chemicals could help capture the carbon dioxide from power plant smokestacks before it pollutes the atmosphere.”
  • 🏠 Mighty Buildings completes “world’s first” 3D-printed zero-net energy home. “The exterior composite stone wall panels were 3D printed in a factory in Oakland. The proprietary material – known as Light Stone – is a concrete alternative with four times more tensile and flexural strength, 30 per cent less weight and less carbon dioxide, according to Mighty Buildings.”