Note — Nov 20, 2022

No.243 Asides

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  • 😍 👻 🇪🇺 🇳🇱 Abandoned and Lost Places in Europe features lots and lots of pictures of lots and lots of decaying places, like this panopticon-ish prison in Haarlem, Netherlands. (Via Dense Discovery.)
  • 😍 🧠 🤖 Blueprints for intelligence. “A visual history of artificial neural networks from 1943 to 2020.” (Via HOLO.)
  • 🤔 🛰 🇺🇸 I’m always curious about this thing when information comes out. The Space Force’s X-37B spaceplane returns to Earth after over two years in space. “While the agency is pretty tight-lipped as to what exactly the Boeing-built spaceplane does, it did reveal that it deployed the FalconSat-8 developed by the US Air Force Academy in October 2021. This small satellite carried five experimental payloads and is still in orbit now. It hosted the Naval Research Laboratory’s photovoltaic radiofrequency antenna module as well, which is designed to convert solar rays into microwave energy and ‘transmit power to the ground’.”
  • 😍 🏟 🇳🇱 Artistic Duo Uses Drones to Visualize the Future of Architecture. “DRIFT's project is an incredible marriage of art and technology. In seeing the potential of drones, the duo has been able to apply its capabilities in new fields and, thus, give architects a new tool to visualize the future.”
  • ⏳ 🇵🇰 Pakistan’s lost city of 40,000 people. “Mohenjo-daro – which means ‘mound of the dead men’ in Sindhi – was the largest city of the once-flourishing Indus Valley (also known as Harappan) Civilisation that ruled from north-east Afghanistan to north-west India during the Bronze Age. Believed to have been inhabited by at least 40,000 people, Mohenjo-daro prospered from 2500 to 1700 BCE.”
  • 💪🏼 ⚖️ 🕵🏼‍♂️ 🇺🇸 Google Agrees to $392 Million Privacy Settlement With 40 States. “Under the settlement, Google will also make its location tracking disclosures clearer starting in 2023.”