Note — Dec 04, 2022

No.245 Asides

  • 🌳 ⚡️ 🤩 Open Climate Fellowship. “… seeks seven (7) mid career professionals for the 2023 Open Climate Fellowship Program. We welcome applicants from backgrounds across the open and climate movements such as researchers, activists, developers, and educators”
  • ⚡️ 🇨🇳 🇮🇩 😬 This one deserved better than just an aside, but here we are. Longscroll page with loads and loads of pictures + a longread. The dirty road to clean energy: how China’s electric vehicle boom is ravaging the environment. “In neighboring Indonesia, nickel extraction is causing environmental and social devastation.”
  • 🎥 🕶 🤔 Debunking one of the Metaverse’s biggest myths. Good very short interview with Matthew Ball, I especially like the part where he argues that what’s being replaced (maybe, eventually) is not ‘real life’ but other media. The Metaverse wouldn’t replace taking a walk with your dog, it would replace re-runs of Seinfeld.
  • 😍 😍 🚞 💰 Very klept, very Snowpiercer, but also very gorgeous. Step on Board the All-New Orient Express Train.
  • 📚 📚 📚 100+ Must-Read Books in 2022 by DO lectures and Inga’s Gift Guide .
  • 🌌 🪱 🕳 🤯 Longread and 17m documentary. Physicists Create a Holographic Wormhole Using a Quantum Computer. “The unprecedented experiment explores the possibility that space-time somehow emerges from quantum information, even as the work’s interpretation remains disputed.”
  • 🌗 🛰 🇺🇸 How a tiny briefcase-sized spacecraft will prospect for water on the Moon. “Entering a highly elliptical orbit called a near rectilinear halo orbit, the satellite will make a close approach to the Moon’s south pole every six days, collecting data on each of 10 passes. It uses an infrared laser reflectometer instrument that operates at four different frequencies, bouncing lasers off the Moon’s surface to see whether the material being struck is ice or rock.”
  • 🦠 🐺 🤔 That would explain Elongated Muskrat’s last few years. 🙃 Behavior-changing parasite moves wolves to the head of the pack. Toxoplasma gondii is a ubiquitous protozoan parasite that can infect any warm-blooded species. In lab studies, infection with T. gondii has been shown to increase dopamine and testosterone levels along with risk-taking behaviors in hosts including rodents, chimps, and hyenas. Oh, and humans.”