Note — May 05, 2019

No.78 Asides

  • 📚 A Full Life. Paolo Bacigalupi (The Windup Girl, The Water Knife) has a short story up at the MIT Technology Review.
  • Visions for the Future Internet. At Nesta, “As part of the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative – the European Commission’s new flagship programme working on building a more democratic, inclusive and resilient internet – we have created this “visions book”, a collection of essays, short stories, poetry and artworks from over 30 contributors from 15 countries and five continents.” I’ve only scanned through, lots of interesting people interviewed. It looks great, but use the accessible version for legibility and not killing your laptop.
  • 🌍🚁 Why drones often aren’t the solution to developing-world problems. “Drones are imagined as a replacement for other forms of infrastructure, but maybe those other forms of infrastructure are actually really necessary.”
  • 📱 Your phone is not recording your conversations. “It’s because inside of a Google server or a Facebook server is a little voodoo doll, avatar-like version of you. Like a model of you. And I don’t have to listen to your conversations because I’ve accumulated all the …clicks and likes you’ve ever made, and it makes this voodoo doll act more and more like you. All I have to do is simulate what conversation the voodoo doll is having, and I know the conversation you just had without having to listen to the microphone.”
  • 📹🤑 Mariana Mazzucato: ‘Green New Deal could fuel growth’. The economist gives a quick interview on Amanpour, explaining some of her thinking on the US GND and more.
  • 😂 Jack Dorsey Is Gwyneth Paltrow for Silicon Valley. “They are the followers of Jack Dorsey, Silicon Valley’s answer to the mega-influencer Gwyneth Paltrow. The lithe, 42-year-old tech founder has become a one-man Goop.”
  • 🍖Are the hyper-specialist shops of Berlin the future of retail?. “On Boxhagener Strasse in bustling Friedrichshain, the 38-year-old garment engineer Silvia Wald has set up shop in an old butcher’s store to sell the kind of wares older customers used to see behind the counter: legs of pork, chains of sausages, mortadella ham, bacon rashers – but all made of fabric, to be used as decorative cushions.”
  • 📙🌿 ‘Lost’ book of Cuban botany drawings rediscovered after 190 years