Note — Oct 06, 2019

No.97 Asides

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Astra Taylor with Bad ancestors: does the climate crisis violate the rights of those yet to be born?. The Economist with The past, present and future of climate change. Matt Stoller wonders Would an Elizabeth Warren Win Crash the Stock Market? And the people at Other Internet are writing about Headless Brands.


  • 😍 📸 🧮 Where Theory Meets Chalk, Dust Flies. “For the last year, Jessica Wynne, a photographer and professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, has been photographing mathematicians’ blackboards, finding art in the swirling gangs of symbols sketched in the heat of imagination, argument and speculation.”
  • Don’t be evil 🤣. Google Blocks Privacy Push at the Group That Sets Web Standards. The Alphabet Inc. unit was the only member of the World Wide Web Consortium to vote against the measure to expand the power of the organization’s internet privacy group, according to a tally of the results viewed by Bloomberg News. Twenty four organizations voted for the idea in a recent poll.”
  • 🌏 No one agrees what it means for a planet to be “habitable”. “VPLanet’s models take into account a host of different dynamics, including internal and geological processes, magnetic field evolution, climate, atmospheric escape, rotational effects, tidal forces, orbits, star formation and evolution, unusual conditions like binary star systems, and gravitational perturbations from passing bodies.”
  • ⚫️ Is “Planet 9” actually a primordial black hole? “[T]oday astronomers say there may be another reason nobody has seen Planet 9: because it may not be a planet at all. Instead, they say, our solar system may be orbited by a primordial black hole—a superdense lump of matter about the size of a tennis ball.”
  • 📚 Beautiful and intriguing work, although quite 🤔 for me. Why 300K people are reading books on the NYPL’s Instagram. “Since launching in August 2018, more than 300,000 people have read the NYPL’s Insta Novels, and the NYPL’s Instagram account has gained 130,000 followers. While gaining more followers was definitely part of the project’s aim, the NYPL is more excited—and surprised—that people actually read the books that it published on Instagram.”
  • 📺 Are ultra-short episodes the future of streaming? Hollywood thinks so. “There seems to be a trend towards people watching short-form content – as long as they can get it for free.”
  • 🦅🇳🇴🇸🇬 Fantastic photography. Seeking Flying Giants in Norway’s Fjords + Singapore + Borneo ++. “Photographic dispatches from the extremities the earth.”
  • 🇦🇶 Flag Stories. Great visualizations of country flags, by colours, shapes, number of changes, similarity, age, etc.