Note — Sep 12, 2021

Notes Are Conversations Across Time

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Excellent short read packed with good ideas related to thinking through conversation, but also through writing, and then through writing for your future self with notes.

I’ll also parallel it again with AI but this time with Augmented Intelligence (the topic of the next members’ Dispatch, btw) where an algorithm might provide just enough ‘insight,’ and fetch just enough data from elsewhere, to provide a useful ‘partner’ to bounce ideas off of.

A conversation can happen between yourself and yourself, across time, through the notes your past self took for your future self. An autopoietic system where information time travels between your future and past self in a meaningful cybernetic loop. […]

Cybernetics shifts our focus away from objects, and toward the flow of information between objects. Design through the lens of Conversation Theory is not about features and screens. Design is the making and breaking of cybernetic feedback loops. […]

We can construct conversational feedback loops that help us learn a language, or give us programmable memory. We can construct conversational feedback loops that program creativity, or garden ideas from the bottom-up, or evolve ideas spontaneously.