Note — Sep 15, 2019

On “AI” Replacing Jobs and Humans

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How artificial intelligence is not that intelligent and forces us to simplify humans and human activities so they can be fitted into the algorithms. A reminder that investors in Uber (and others) probably grossly underestimated the time between putting their money in and when automation would scrap the drivers, making the business models workable. Looks like it will take a lot longer than they thought, and they will start trying to find other ways to recoup their investments sooner than later. Same for various AI short and medium bets which should have been much longer term.

And it is fun to see all these shitty robots and failing “AI” systems and their ridiculous statements about the world that mostly just say a lot about what kind of data the most privileged engineers on this planet deem to be “good” or “correct”. It’s like watching a small puppy stumbling about. But this puppy has teeth and is willing to use them. […]

The term “Software is eating the world” is old news by now. Software has eaten the world mostly. And it is a very relevant showcase for those who claim that ‘”AI” is now eating the world’: Software didn’t adapt to the world. We adapted the world to software. […]

In order for these systems to work, processes need to be simplified, complexity needs to be stripped.