Note — Jul 19, 2020

A Moment of Reflection: On the Paradox of Individual Creative Work

Jason Kottke citing The Art Assignment’s Sarah Urist, and expanding a bit, but mostly resonating with what Urist is saying. It’s a quick read and not much longer video on the challenges and perhaps opportunities of curating ideas, bias, going for clicks or to push the audience further, comfort zones, the frivolous and the important. Recommended for those sharing things and asking themselves questions, as well as good bits of a framework for how to think of what you share if you want to start creating content.

I’ve also learned that these biases are often reinforced by the recommendation algorithms that govern the platforms we frequent. Whether we want to or not, we citizens of the internet work in collaboration with these algorithms to curate information feeds for ourselves. And even if our feeds feel objective, they never are. […]

But because I know what tends to get clicked on more and watched for longer stretches, I’ve been more likely to try to serve that to you. Not all the time of course, but even when served in moderation that’s not really good for art history. It reinforces dominant narratives and offers up the same boring old menu of famous artists again and again.