Note — Oct 07, 2018

One Small Step for the Web…

Tim Berners-Lee, father of the web, is working on Solid, “an open-source project to restore the power and agency of individuals on the web” and on a company to accelerate its adoption, Inrupt (sorry but what a sh%t name). Laudable goal and I would love for something like this to work but, and I hate to say it, for some reason… it feels naive and doesn’t inspire much confidence. Someone convince me?

Solid is a platform, built using the existing web. It gives every user a choice about where data is stored, which specific people and groups can access select elements, and which apps you use. It allows you, your family and colleagues, to link and share data with anyone. It allows people to look at the same data with different apps at the same time. […]

Meanwhile though, there is a wave of concern, and related energy, desperate for change. People want to have a web they can trust. People want apps that help them do what they want and need to do — without spying on them. Apps that don’t have an ulterior motive of distracting them with propositions to buy this or that.

More: Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend the WWW.