Note — Nov 04, 2018

Oral Tradition - The Oldest True Stories in the World

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💚 Oral Tradition - The Oldest True Stories in the World

Amidst the current political headways and disastrous climate news, it’s often easy to loose track of the fact we humans aren’t always asshats. Sometimes we are quite extraordinary. For example, “orally shared knowledge can demonstrably endure more than 7,000 years, quite possibly 10,000.” The article goes over some of the old stories and contemporary proof that the Tjapwurung, an Aboriginal people in what is now southern Australia, have been transmitting stories documenting real events for 7,000 years.

For the next approximately 7,600 years, the Klamath taught each new generation the importance of avoiding Crater Lake lest they disturb the evil god within. With remarkable precision, geologists have determined that this is the time of the terminal eruption of the former volcano, Mount Mazama, and the creation of the landscape that exists today. […]

Some recall the time when the ocean surface was significantly lower than it is today, the shoreline was much farther out to sea, and lands now underwater were freely traversed by Australians.

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