Note — Dec 02, 2018

Our Car-Free Future Will Be Blocked by Comcast Tactics

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From the people at Transit app, whose business model is based on open APIs so yes, ultimately self-serving but also 100% correct. Bigtech has already destroyed much of the API ecosystem and open web we had not that long ago, lets hope cities push in the openness direction and bring “Bigtransport” with them.

Bad digital infrastructure will make it harder for riders to make car-free trips. It will encourage monopolies, higher prices, and introduce needless friction. It’s the Comcast future of mobility. […]

[W]ith mobility companies yanking support for open APIs: no shared vehicle locations, no transparent prices, no way to plan or book a multi-modal trip across providers. It would make multi-modal transport way less convenient than it already is—and car ownership, as attractive as ever. […]