Note — Jan 27, 2019

Paradox Mystery Format

Someone asked Warren Ellis what he would do if he was running a comics publishing company, he referred to this intriguing Paradox Mystery format (and the Marber grid for Penguin). Last week at our editorially minded meetup, we discussed Mod’s piece from No.62 and the most interesting to me is that he talks about “books” but it’s actually “publications.” Meaning that I see it as a reminder that we haven’t tried all formats and combinations, that there are still new ones to invent. Ellis concludes the section with this, which seems to go along the same line of thought:

The Paradox Mystery books are, of course, from the mid-Nineties. Before manga exploded in the bookstore market. What were outliers back then are possibly right in the zone today. Nobody’s listened to me about this over the last twenty years and nobody will listen to me about it now.  And quite rightly, because I’m entirely mad.

I thought he was unto something with his Summon Books series. Alas…