Note — Oct 07, 2018

Planes, Trains and Automobiles – the Electric Remake

Very useful look at all the different transport modes currently developing or actively transitioning to electricity, including some more rarely mentioned like shorter distance ships, short flights and new ways of electrifying trains. The most interesting part though, is where the author considers “Airports, ports, train stations, logistics centers and the like” as potential energy hubs, a plausible vision bringing new elements to the classic view of electrified vehicles being at the edges of the grid.

Improved battery, motor and power control technology will challenge the dominance of small fossil-fuel engines in every light sector: motor boats, lawnmowers, snowmobiles, mopeds and motor cycles. […]

What we have seen time and again in clean energy is the value of getting started in sectors that can be served today, and using the resulting volume to spur innovation and drive down costs to meet the needs of tomorrow’s markets. The lithium-ion snowball is rolling and picking up new sectors and applications along the way. […]

Airports, ports, train stations, logistics centers and the like could become energy hubs – offering low-cost charging, batteries to smooth demand, and ancillary grid services, resilient power for server farms and the like, maybe even heat and cooling to local businesses and homes. That is, as well as transport hubs, offering a range of transportation and logistics services, mass transit, car-sharing and flying taxi terminals.

Via Marting Spindler’s super smart The VUCA Observatory.