Note — Feb 27, 2022

Of Pods, Squads, Crews & Gangs

Initially saved completely independently at different moments of the weeks, the previous piece and this one obviously fit together and seem to resurface a need I’ve expressed before (in July!!). Here Joe Lightfoot, whom I didn’t know but who seems to have a number of interesting articles on his site, goes into quite a bit of detail about different types of “small groups.” I’d roughly split his piece into three entangled themes; why there is a need for small groups, which kinds exist, and what he’s personally looking for and experimenting with. My interest in small groups skews more towards salons or study groups, professional support, and co-creating projects than his experiments, so that part was less useful to me, but worth a read if these emerging groups intrigue you.

The fact that our societies can still function with such a deficit of a meaningful sense of belonging illustrates our impressive ability to adapt to our surroundings, it also highlights how our resilience can ultimately cause harm by allowing us to acclimatise to social conditions that fall well short of what we require to thrive. […]

They can take the form of peer to peer mentoring groups, co-therapy groups, accountability groups, masterminds, project teams, co-op’s, study groups or just good old fashioned hang outs. Often they are a unique blend of all of these different formats. […]

‘If we’re living in an age of hyper individuality then perhaps the most revolutionary act available to us is to form small pockets of radical belonging.’