Note — May 23, 2021

Protopia Futures Framework

For the last couple of years, monika bielskyte has been working on Protopia, a vision of futures not between utopia and dystopia, but beyond their “two sides of the same coin” habits. Now, together with the community that has assembled around her vision, bielskyte presents a framework, “not a one-off ‘manifesto’ but rather a scaffolding that will be adjusted and expanded with every new learning and unlearning.”

According to the group, a lot of foresight is “bound by the constraints and suppositions of dominant perceptions of reality,” which they want to go beyond. They anchor their narratives in principles of plurality, community, celebration of physical presence, regenerative action, symbiotic spirituality, creativity, and evolution of cultural values.

I love this vision, although as I said in the intro, they are packing lots of stuff, almost too much, trying to hit every possible thing they feel is wrong or incomplete. However, that doesn't mean the vision or values are wrong, just that it makes for a bit of a heavy read, even has they propose many important points about creating futures, and come up with more than a few fantastic phrasings. I’m also going to dig trough other material or reach out to monika, I’d like to understand the difference between Protopia and solarpunk. I’ll keep you posted.

Low-context seclusionist thinking brought us to the brink of biosphere and societal collapse. We must resist isolationist approaches at all costs. We support the integration and melting of disciplinary boundaries. Contextual ecosystems education is vital; research and development within isolated fields, ideas, and discourses is leading towards obsolescence. […]

Technologies are extensions of our mind and our biology. They should expand, not bind, human potential: intellectually, physically, creatively, spiritually, emotionally. […]

The living world seeps into our cities, and cities must nourish rather than consume the living landscapes they occupy. We imagine “built” environment and the living landscapes in symbiotic relationship with each other as living, breathing entities. […]

In the age of technological automation, creativity is the true survival skill of the future, especially when matched with critical and analytical thinking. We honor creativity as permeating everything that quests new pathways and brings joy — not just aesthetic and cultural but also scientific, social and political. […]

We explore the emergent values and recalibrated cultural constructs of humanity on a path towards material degrowth. The sole civilizational aspect in which we could encourage infinite growth is knowledge.