Note — Jun 05, 2022

Reality Is Scarce

I changed my mind a couple of times about including this one. It’s about the new company recently announced with the “dream team” of Matt Miesnieks, John Gaeta and Dennis Crowley. I was changing my mind because the article alternates between sharp insights into the structural underpinnings that are bringing about metaversish/AR visions, and the VC-compatible Web3 decentralisation exaggeration and gobbledygook. If you’re interested in the field overviewed in the first aspect and can skip over the latter, I encourage you to read. My view is that Web3 is already centralized and pre-alpha, and most people dumping on 2.0 platforms while grabbing VC money are actually dreaming of replacing them, not bringing about a new world.

My TL;DR: correct on VFX, gaming, computer vision, mapping, and the use of games as social networks; deluded and a bit of bs on the monetization and ownership side (perhaps just signalling to VCs and media).

This means that photo-real, interactive, 3D experiences that represent the real world are going to be “table stakes” going forward, and anything built using yesterday’s techniques will look & feel dated. […]

Games are becoming social places. Game worlds aren’t just for gaming anymore. I’ve seen Fortnite used for hosting ad-hoc fashion shows as well as Travis Scott concerts. Minecraft used to host friends’ Christmas parties (including virtual gift-giving). Homework study groups happening inside Roblox, and business meetings held around Red Dead Redemption’s campfire.