Note — Apr 24, 2022

Resilience, Abundance, Decentralization

I'm always going on about imagining better futures (I need to rename that tag (right?)), well here Deb Chachra does just that, sketching out a future of resilience, abundance, and decentralisation (not the crypto kind). One not based on trends, fictions, or even a proven forecasting exercise, but based on science, history, and deep knowledge of infrastructures and materials. Earth is bathed in, for all intents and purposes, limitless solar energy; the transition to renewables is not a step back, it’s an opportunity to remake our world.

Transitioning all of our infrastructural systems to be powered by renewable sources is about growing out the number of people who have access to more energy, who benefit from using it to meet human needs, whether as basic as cooking food or as modern as global telecommunications. […]

Technology is our active human interface with the material world, and all of the ways in which we respond to climate change will require access to energy, whether it's robust disaster response, microgrids that provide reliable electricity even during extreme weather events, or building out cities and communities that are resilient to a wider range of environmental conditions. […]

We are living at the cusp of remaking ourselves from a primitive species that gets most of our energy from literally setting stuff on fire, and that just junks stuff when we’re done with it, into an species that fits harmoniously into a planetwide ecosystem, that uses energy from the sun, harnesses it for use and to fabricate what we need to thrive, and then returns those materials to the common pool to be used and shared again.