Note — Oct 28, 2018

Retailers Are Using Facial-Recognition Technology Too

Surveillance capitalism in all its “glory.” Facial-recognition and tracking used in multiple retailers (and growing) and the merging of marketing and security.

It’s marketed to them as an unparalleled tool for cutting down on shoplifting, and sold to the public as a security tool — helping identify would-be terrorists at sports games, for instance, or protecting consumers against identity theft by making sure that they are who they say they are. It’s also almost completely unregulated. […]

In the future, facial-recognition technology could also be used for marketing, helping stores track customers in real life the way online retailers track them with cookies. […]

[A]lready seeing companies merge their security and marketing divisions. On a project with Home Depot last year, for instance, he helped the marketing team use security footage to track customers through stores and figure out what products they were browsing.