Note — Aug 29, 2021

Rewilding Your Attention

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First, I love that this article by Clive Thompson riffs on a blog post that riffs on a thread that riffs on a newsletter issue. Ideas building and evolving one on top of the other. Second, definitely something I’m doing more of, and for which I like having a nature-based name.

It’s like checking my reflection in the mirror and seeing stock-photo imagery. […]

The other problem with big-tech recommendation systems is they’re designed by people who are convinced that “popularity” and “recency” equal “valuable”. […]

If you want to have wilder, curiouser thoughts, you have to avoid the industrial monocropping of big-tech feeds. You want an intellectual forest, overgrown with mushrooms and towering weeds and a massive dead log where a family of raccoons has taken up residence.