Note — Apr 14, 2019

Screening Surveillance

Seen in → No.75

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Three short films raising important issues of surveillance, set a few months (days? minutes? arrived?) in the future(s). Since this is an academic project, I also found it quite interesting that they provide facilitator guides and media packs for use in class and to publicize events people might hold to discuss the stories and issues. Quite secondary to their message but I loved the way they represent screen interactions and would love for my voice assistant to be named Zola 🙃.

In all aspects of life, personal information is collected and analyzed by organizations that produce various outcomes—surveillance is not simply good or bad, helpful or harmful, but it is never neutral. These three short films were created to raise awareness about how large organizations use data and how these practices affect life chances and choices. We need to consider these implications, and critically examine the logics and practices within big data systems that underpin, enable, and accelerate surveillance.