Note — Sep 16, 2018

Shenzhen: The First Quieter Megacity, Thanks to Electric Vehicles

Although the article is actually more about the electric vehicle maker BYD, still worth a read for that and for Shenzhen’s transition. Also notice the surveillance tidbit highlighted below.

The new Shenzhen has a mix of electric buses, electric bikes and scooters, electric taxis, and even electric dump trucks. Although the city arrived late to urban noise, the shift to EVs that China has been pushing more than any other country has put Shenzhen at the leading edge of something unprecedented: the quieter city. […]

The city’s traffic police bureau is working with telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies Co. to use big data, facial recognition, and video sensors to manage congestion and accidents. Shanghai-based startup KeyGo Technologies uses an “acoustic camera” system to zero in on honking cars, so police can analyze whether the noise pollution deserves a fine.