Note — Apr 12, 2020

Slowdown Papers

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According to Medium, there are 3h40 minutes+ of reading time so far in Dan Hill’s new Slowdown Papers. So I haven’t read everything yet, and the link above and quotes below are form his introductory post. I expect I’ll link again to some of the other articles but, at the very least, this intro and his posture in writing the collection are worth a read and consideration: “Observing, listening and writing, as a way of remembering the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, from within the midst of the slowdown.”

So while my ‘day job’ is full of attempted interventions, as is yours if you have one, I suspect the best thing I can do here is to listen, observe, discuss, try to learn, to understand, to frame questions, and to find the time and space to reflect. Writing is a good way of forcing these acts. […]

But I’m also writing in order to not forget, forcing the deceptively simple act of putting one word in front of another as a way of figuring out what to look for in the blazing environment around us. […]

“One person writing in a quiet room, trying to connect with another person, reading in another quiet — or maybe not so quiet — room … But in the end, stories are about one person saying to another: This is the way it feels to me. Can you understand what I’m saying? Does it also feel this way to you?” — Kazuo Ishiguro, Nobel lecture, 7 December 2017

More → En français, par le toujours très pertinent Clément Laberge, un processus similaire pour réfléchir le Québec d’après. (Texte d’intro, les billets subséquent sont en bas de page.)