Note — Jan 31, 2021

Solarpunk Is a Tumblr Vibe. It’s Also a Practical Movement.

Intro to the term and interview with Jay Springett. I’ve covered this before but worth a read to further flesh out our understanding of the movement’s goals and foundational ideas. Also a good match for the previous article, since it’s exactly what Sadowski talks about; developing ideas of real utopias and carrying them forward in opposition to dystopias, cyberpunk nightmares, and Silicon Valley brotastic overreach. The highlight below, quoting Adam Flynn, is an especially useful short encapsulation of Solarpunk.

[T]he true crux of solarpunk. It centers ecological responsibility, and it maintains a fundamentally DIY impulse — community-minded, self-sustaining and, importantly, hopeful. […]

An eye toward decentralization. Ecological awareness. A long-term approach to design. Can it be beautiful?

Given its nature, it’s easy to imagine prepper culture being attracted to peer-to-peer and other solarpunk-friendly technologies, but solarpunk has nonetheless managed to stay animated by principles of community and hopefulness rather than collapse terror.

More → From the article, a list of 69 cornerstones of solarpunk.