Note — Sep 05, 2021

Solarpunk Is Not About Pretty Aesthetics. It’s About the End of Capitalism

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Good read at Motherboard, where Hannah Steinkopf-Frank gives an overview of Solarpunk’s history, what it means, aims for, and how it’s inching towards mainstreaming while many of its proponents worry about the inevitable appropriation. Useful for the emphasis on the movement’s implied need for the end of capitalism and for the various links to explore. Bonus points for including and linking to Belgian architect Luc Schuiten.

Solarpunk is radical in that it imagines a society where people and the planet are prioritized over the individual and profit. […]

“We would have to rethink systems of capitalism,” she said. “We would have to rethink hierarchies in themselves, and that is a major conflict that's not necessarily all that utopian.” […]

“I want to provide a vision for a better world for my fellow islanders,” he said. “I want to boost our representation as diverse Caribbean people in the sci-fi/speculative fiction genre, and I want to explore the strengths and weaknesses of a Solarpunk society in the ‘playground’ of fiction.”