Note — Nov 25, 2018

Some Climate Perspective

Great thread by Dr Sarah Taber about grazing, nomadic tribes, and countering desertification. Starts here: “An example of things humans can DO to slow, mitigate, and maybe even halt/reverse changing climates:Good grazing.” Also, Taber was prompted by this thread, which is also excellent, on multiple waves of human-caused climate changes, and colononization: “As a perpetual student of history + geography, the growth of hyperbolic doomsday journalism on climate change/global warming is really, really irritating to me. I also find it deeply irresponsible. History teaches a lot of lessons that this journalism skips.”

A final thread, read only if you aren’t abyssed-out already: Julian Oliver citing multiple sources on our situation and the pipe-dream of massive carbon capture saving the day.