Note — Jan 23, 2022

Spoiling the Last Frontier

Excellent piece by Matthew King on the ongoing pollution of space. You should at the very least click through for his characterizations of Brandon, Bezos, and Musk. It’s basically quite a few stats and background story on space debris, mogul-ing of space, too many satellites, and the privatization of space exploration. Within the ‘topic-scape’ of Sentiers, I’d frame it as yet another example of the enclosure, over-exploitation, and spoliation of a commons that we should have and should now protect.

In the fast-devolving context of our second space race and worsening orbital debris densities, we’re now seeing the industry’s most shameless hucksters, who have already made a buck polluting the high skies, spin up new schemes to make another buck pretending to clean up their own mess. […]

[W]e have repeated the same mistakes in yet another domain, this one above our heads and arguably the last unravaged by human intervention. Has there ever been more unassailable proof that we have learned nothing? […]

By impatiently flooding the skies with their cold imitations of the universe, lusting tycoons like Musk and Bezos are accelerating their own defeat, creating a dense barrier of garbage between them and their boyhood dreams.