Note — Jun 27, 2021

Storytelling and Narrative Anthropology

To my non-anthropologist eyes, this was quite a good read, presenting the discipline as a kind of study of stories, that then creates its own stories, narratives, and explanations on top of the original. If you like framing things as stories, seeing for example lives, the history of countries, or simply of organizations as stories, you should have a look for some useful perspectives. I’ll caveat the link with the fact that the site isn’t all that clear on what it is, and I couldn’t find much on the credentials of the author. Still, I enjoyed the piece.

When the world makes sense, it is more easily navigated. And the Ancient Greeks and Romans made sense of the world for centuries, passing their myths from generation to generation. […]

When we want to understand storytelling through the anthropological lens, we have to take into account that anthropology is a form of storytelling itself. Researchers tell and re-tell the narratives of people’s lives. […]

Stories work as a framework for how we, as people, absorb knowledge. They don’t just tell us new information, they also give such information meaning.