Note — Dec 12, 2021

Super-Apps Are the Future

The colourful Scott Galloway with an uncommon take on Dorsey and Block, Meta-Zuckerberg, and super-apps. Super-apps are mobile apps, usually starting with payment or chat functionality, who then add feature after feature or serve as receptacles for third party ‘sub apps.’ The best example being WeChat. Galloway believes that Dorsey is moving Block in that direction, and that Meta and Amazon are trying to circumvent Apple (which does it’s best to hinder super-apps) “by building alternative interaction paradigms, a pretentious way to say ‘voice’ (Amazon) and ‘VR’ (Meta).”

The super-app market is the digital Iron Throne. Super-apps live on mobile, and mobile is the internet in emerging markets. India, for example, has three times as many cellular subscribers as the U.S., and Indians spend 17% more time per day on their phones. […]

The metaverse is best described as a consensual hallucination between Mark Zuckerberg and the media — a fantasy that we’ll trade pleasurable activities in the physical world, like cooking and dating, for nausea-inducing hours in a virtual realm full of legless avatars. […]

A shift in the arbitrage of attention, from ads to the more potent payments business, promises to fuel a historic merger-and-acquisition binge that will reshape the array of industries that tech derisively labels “content.”